Once you have land of your own you may want to restrict access to it. There are a number of ways you can do this is Second Life, some of which are against the Covenant Rules of Solace Beach Estates so please read this carefully so you can ensure you are able to maintain your privacy without breaking the rules.

The simplest way to restrict access to your parcel is to use the features in the “Access” tab of the “About Land” window.


Please be very careful with this. Our covenant states that you MUST have “Allow Public Access” checked and the two boxes below “Block access by: Residents who have not given payment into to Linden Land” and “Residents who are not age verified adults” both must be UNCHECKED.

Blocking people using those features leaves ugly red ban lines around your parcel which is not only not something your neighbours want to see but unfair on avatars who are simply wishing to fly over your land without causing any actual intrusion.

You are however permitted to ban individuals if you feel the need, this is a quick way to remove Griefers and other individuals you do not want on your land for some reason.  To do this, just click on “Add” below the “Banned Residents” box and search for their name before choosing “Select” which will add that name to the list.


In the event of Griefers you should also inform your Sim Manager or another available member of staff so they can then ban the Griefer from the entire estate preventing any further damage.


Security Orbs & other Devices.

OrbYou are permitted to restrict access to your land by using scripted security devices such as security orbs as long as 4 conditions are met:

  1. The device only affects your parcel.
  2. The device is set to eject only. No TPing home or orbiting.
  3. The device gives at visible warning and at least 10 seconds for the offender to leave the parcel before being ejected.
  4. All estate staff are included on the access list. This enables us to be able to carry estate maintenance without having to deal with messages and being ejected.

If these conditions are not met your security device may be returned to you.

If you are unsure where you can get a Security Orb. There is one available for sale in the Solace Beach Land Office.