When you buy or rent a home in Second Life you will be told you have a certain Prim Limit.

But what does that mean?

What is a Prim?

A Prim is a basic building block from which everything in Second Life is made. This tutorial by Torley Linden explains it best.


So why do I have a Prim Limit?

All land in Second Life is divided into what are known as “sims” behind the scenes these sims are actually servers hosted at Linden Lab locations across the USA. Like all computers these servers have limited resources and in this instance each sim is limited to a total of 15000 prims (there are some types of sim that have a lower limit but this number is true for the majority of sims). This limit is divided equally per square metre of the sim. So the more land you have available to you on a sim the more prims you can use.

Prims worn by an avatar do not count against the sim’s prim limits.

How do I know how many prims are in an object?

Objects in Second life are made from prims and the number of prims is different for each object so it’s important to check how many prims are in your objects if you are using land or an apartment that has a prim limit.

To find out how many prims are in a particular object first RIght click on that object and choose Edit.


If you are not seeing a tab in the window that pops up called “General” then click on “More >>” and it should appear.

Click on the General Tab.

Below the details of the object name, creator and owner you will see a line that says something like.

1 Object, 5 Primitives.


The number of Primitives is the number of “Prims” in your object. In order to ensure you remain below your Prim Limit you should be aware of the number of prims in the objects you place on your land or in your apartment and ensure the total is below your limit.

I’ve seen something that says if I can use it I can beat my prim limit. Does it work?

There are a number of devices known as “temp-rezzers” available within Second life.

The claim is that they can beat your prim limits by abusing a feature available in Second Life known as “temporary prims”. Temporary prims do not count towards the sim’s prim limit and these devices uses scripting to make objects made with temporary prims rez repeatedly so they appear permanent.

These are expressly banned within Solace Beach Estates.

There are very few legitimate uses for temp rezzers which we may consider, however, unless you are informed explicitly by an Estate Manager that your temp rezz device is permitted using it is a violation of our covenant.

While seeming innocent these devices abuse a loophole in the sim code and still use resources even though they aren’t restricted in the same way as normal prims. They are major causes of lag and as such we will not permit their use in order to be fair to ALL tenants on a sim. If you need a bigger prim limit, you need to get more land.