So now you have your land, what do you need to know about the settings? There are a lot of things you can configure to make you land easier to use for you and also to ensure it isn’t used by people you don’t permit.

Ownership and Group Deeding.

Probably the most common questions we are asked by new land owners relates to issues around ownership and group deeding.

Clicking on the parcel name at the top of the viewer window will bring up the “About Land” window. In the General tab you will see information relating to the ownership of the parcel.

Next to “Owner” on that window will either be the name of an individual avatar or the words “(Group Owned)”.

Below that is the “Group” field. If the land is Group Owned, then the name of the group it is owned by will be here.  If it owned by an individual avatar then this may be empty or set to a Group the person belongs to. (more on this later).

If the land is to be used by more than one person, (i.e. more than one person will be building or placing objects on the land) then we recommend you deed the land to a group that only consists of avatars you wish to use the land.  Getting this done right can be a little tricky and there is potential danger if you give the other members of your group certain permissions so take care.

Questions to ask yourself before you deed your land to a group:

Does the group consist only of people I want to have access and privilages on the land?

Am I certain the other members of the group only have abilities assigned to them that I want them to have?