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 Second Life Private Estate

If you are a Second Life resident seeking to own private estate land for the first time, there’s a good chance that you are finding the process somewhat confusing! This is largely due to the fact that there are so many companies selling Second Life private estate and so many different offers available. This article answers some of the most common Second Life private estate questions!

What is Private Estate?

Second Life private estate is land on sims that are privately owned. This means that you are going to be leasing the land, in essence, from someone who has purchased and pays tier on an entire sim (or more) to Linden Labs. As such, in renting private estate, you do not deal with Linden Labs directly for tier payments, but with the estate owner. This is why you do not need a premium account to own private estate land in Second Life.

Is Private Estate more expensive?

Prices vary wildly from sim to sim, company to company and depending upon what type of sim you rent on. Tier is usually higher when paid to a private estate owner than if you owned Second Life mainland and paid tier to Linden Lab. However, when you consider the fact that a Premium Account with Second Life costs $9.95 (USD) per month, you save money. The reason tier is higher on Private Estate is because mainland full sims rent at $195 per month. However, Linden Lab charges private estate owners $295/month for each private class 5 full prim sim they own (with the exception of grandfathered sims).

What are the benefits of Private Estate?

Of course, everyone’s experiences will vary depending on the company they are with and what they are looking for in terms of their land requirements However, speaking in terms of renting from Solace Beach Estates, the following benefits apply:-

  • Customer Support. 
    • Solace Beach has a dedicated team of Estate Managers who you can contact if you require help. In owning Second Life mainland, if you require estate assistance, for example in establishing the cause of lag on a sim or in restarting the sim, you have to contact Linden Lab. This is slower and more difficult than sending a quick IM or support ticket to a Private Estate customer service rep.
  • Convenient payment methods.
    •  With Linden Lab, you must pay in USD every month. With Solace Beach Estates you pay in Lindens and the minimum payment is just a week at a time. That means you do not have to commit to a month at a time if you do not want to.
  • You only pay for what you own. 
    • Linden Labs have a tier level system, which means that there is a set tier amount to pay each month for land ownership between two different square metre levels. To clarify, this means, for example, that someone who owns 3840sqm pays the same in tier as someone who owns 4096sqm. It hardly seems fair. And upping your ownership to the full 4096sqm to get the most for your money means splashing on purchase fees, which brings me on to the next benefit.
  • No stupidly high purchase fees. 
    • Buying Second Life mainland usually entails paying a fairly hefty up front fee (some 4096sqm parcels on waterfronts sell for well in excess of L$ 25000 and then you have to pay tier too)! Solace Beach Estates, however, have all their parcels listed at L$ 99 purchase fee. This is just a nominal fee to transfer the land into your name, sufficiently low that you do not have to be hugely out of pocket before you even pay tier, yet not low enough that the sims will be swarmed with griefers who just want to buy parcels, pay no tier and vandalize the land.
  • Choice of Covenant.
    •  On the mainland, there is no covenant anywhere. This means that anything goes and you simply cannot control whether you live in a sim with clubs, ugly buildings, ban lines, and lag. At Solace Beach Estates, we accommodate both ends of the spectrum. We have land zoned for just commercial, land zoned for just residential and mixed zoning for those who want to live and have their business in the same place. We also offer light covenant sims for those who want as few restrictions as possible. However, some people prefer to know that certain rules do apply, for example, the types of activities permitted on a sim or the style of buildings that can be put up there, before spending their money to set up a home or business. This is where sims with fuller covenants come in.
  • Land Swapping. 
    • If you want a change of scenery, Solace Beach Estates will transfer your prepaid tier to another Solace parcel free of charge. And with over 40 sims boasting varied landscapes and zoning, we have anything you could need.
  • Community. 
    • Solace Beach Estates hosts regular events for both residents and non-residents to give you the opportunity to mingle and socialise with other Second Lifers at a variety of events ranging from club nights to live music and building classes!

How do I find a parcel?

To find land in Second Life in general, you can use the ‘Land Search’ tab under the ‘Search’ function and filter as appropriate. However, to simplify matters, Solace Beach Estates have their listings online with photographs and other information, as well as teleport links. The land search function on the Solace Beach website enables you to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily. 
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