Security Orb Policy

This is for residents who would like to use their own security orb. We realize that some of these statements may seem a bit harsh, but in the past problem security orbs have been our #1 complaint, and they have cost us thousands of L$ in lost time and money. We are very willing to let people use their own security orbs, but we need to make sure that you understand and will follow the rules. :

Security Orbs Must :

– Give at least 15 seconds warning before taking action

– Set  to eject only, NOT teleport home or deform

– Add all Estate Managers to the safe list for the orb, so that they can perform their duties. Visit our staff page for a list of names to add

– If a new manager is added, and are notified by estate staff, you will add him/her to my orb safe list within 48 hours. (We understand some people are not online daily and can allow a bit more time if needed).

– If you are contacted by estate staff regarding a problem with your orb, you will attempt to correct it promptly.

– you understand that if you are having a problem with setting up your security orb, you can IM your estate manager and s/he will help to the best of his/her ability.

– You understand that if you repeatedly break any of these rules or behave in a hostile manner to staff regarding security orbs, you will no longer be allowed to use your own orb.