Refund Policy


Solace Beach Estates Refund Policy

It is the policy of Solace Beach Estates that all rent/tier fees paid are non-refundable. They are, however, transferable to any other Solace Beach Estates lot. So, for example, if you paid for a lot but want to move to a larger or smaller lot, or one with different zoning or terrain, you can do that. What you cannot do, is, say, pay for 2 weeks’ rent, decide to leave after 1 week, and get a refund for the remaining week. You can choose to either stay for the remaining time, or just leave and we will put the lot back up for rent. 

Think of the rental box like a RL rental. When you rent an apartment, you pay by the month. If you’ve paid for a month, but decide to leave 2 weeks in, you don’t get the other 2 weeks back. You committed to that month and the apartment owner planned for that money to go to the building mortgage, utility fees, staff costs, and personal budget/profits. The money was already budgeted for and spent, and can’t be returned. Even apartments with leases charge a large fee, typically 1 month’s rent, to break the lease. The lease termination fee helps absorb the costs  for the apartment to sit unrented until someone else wants it, when finding a new renter was not planned or budgeted for due to the lease having been in place. 

Like RL rental companies, we estate owners have fees to pay – tier to Linden Lab, staff salaries, and advertising. We base decisions, such as how much to spend on advertising, and whether to buy a new sim, on how much money has come in and whether lots look to be rented long term. Our profit margins are small and most of what we take in goes right back to Linden Lab. Therefore, chances are good that your rental fee has already gone to cover tier. It can’t be refunded, because we no longer have it, or we already allowed for it in our budget. 

We know that people have circumstances, such as a RL emergency or a job loss, that sometimes lead them to ask for refunds. The problem is, that does not change the fact that we have budgeted for the money taken in. Sadly, there are also people who will make up phony excuses to try to get a refund. We have no way of knowing who is telling the truth and who is not. However, if you are willing to provide RL information that would allow us to verify your story, a refund MIGHT be possible under extremely rare circumstances. 

There is one other, very rare, circumstance for which we would refund, which would be if we had to close a sim. In that case, tenants would be refunded all tier they had paid for beyond the date of the sim closing. Please note, we CANNOT provide refunds for sub-letted land. If we are forced to reclaim a sim or lot for non-payment, and that tenant had renters, we cannot refund any rent you paid to our tenant. You will need to contact them for that. 

We will never give refunds due to a renter not wanting to follow rules outlined in the Covenant. You are expected to read the Covenant carefully before you rent, and must check the box stating that you agreed to it. If you did not actually read it, that was your mistake, not ours. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Ayesha Lytton
Solace Beach Estates