Commercial Covenant


Solace Beach Estates: Commercial Covenant

Welcome to the Solace Beach continent, and thank you for your interest in our land for rent. We are a small but vibrant island community with lovely beaches and friendly staff, residents, and visitors. If you choose to join our community, you can count on excellent customer service and personal attention. Whether you’re a first time land renter or a longtime SL veteran, we are here for you. Please read and agree to our covenant BEFORE renting land. Thank you. 


Our land is zoned to help ensure a positive experience for you. Zoning rules are STRICTLY enforced, however if you are looking to start a business and live on residential-only land, we can transfer your rent to a small business or commercial lot at no extra charge. Renting a parcel on any sim gives you the ability to hold your events at our venues for no charge (see Facilities).

Fees and Payments:

Rental Fees are due at the time of purchase and at or before the time your rent expires. To reserve your plot, buy it for the set price of 99L$, then immediately pay the rental box. Rental boxes are located at a small station on your island; click the sign on your land for a landmark. If you have questions or cannot find your box, please file a support ticket promptly so that we know you are intending to pay. If the box is not paid within 30 min, or we have not been contacted by you with a question regarding how to pay rent, we will reclaim the land without refund. To pay monthly, simply pay your box with the 4 weeks price button. You may pay up to 12 weeks in advance.

Refund Policy

Rental/tier fees are non-refundable. If you choose to move out before your rent expires, the remaining time will not be refunded. However, rental time can be transfered from one property to another. Simply choose any new Solace Beach Estates property, and file a support ticket to transfer the tier balance. Please read our detailed refund policy for more information.

In the event that Solace Beach Estates must close or re-theme a sim, residents will be offered one free week of tier at a new lot of their choice, in addition to transfering the tier balance. If the resident does not find an acceptable lot, the remaining balance will be refunded in full.


Transfer Policy:

Want to move? Rental time can be transfered from one property to another. Simply choose any new Solace Beach Estates property, and file a support ticket to transfer the tier balance. Transfers are intended for those who want to move from one long-term rental space to another. While we do not have a set limit on transfers, we do expect that you keep them reasonable, and reserve the right to say “no more” if we feel this service is being misused.


Eviction Policy:

Residents are expected to keep tier boxes paid. If a box is two days in arrears, your land will be reclaimed with no refund of the deposit. We reserve the right to reclaim land at less than two days in arrears if a lot is empty or there is other clear evidence that you are no longer occupying the parcel. If you are having difficulty paying, we will work with you, and may grant an extension at our discretion.

Solace Beach Estates is not responsible for inventory loss that may occur when items are returned. To avoid having items returned, please keep your rent up to date, and remove your items when you move out. 

Reselling Policy:

Generally speaking, we discourage the resale of Solace Beach Estates land. That is why we refer to our land as “rented.” You may not set your land for sale to the general public, place any signs or other materials on the land stating that it is for sale, or advertise it for sale on SL Forums etc. However, we will allow private transfers of land and tier, such as from one friend to another. If you wish to transfer land to another party you MUST file a support ticket to arrange the transfer. The new tenant will be asked to verify that you did not charge him/her more than the value of the tier on the box. Failure to do so may result in both you and the new tenant forfeiting the land and any rent on the box. 

If we discover “for sale” signs or see a lot set for sale to the general public, we will assume you no longer want the property, and we will reclaim the land and clear the tier box. Any attempts to “flip” land or profit from “selling” Solace Beach Estates Land will not be tolerated. 

Facilities and Benefits:

Please join the group “Solace Beachcombers” upon renting land. You do not need the group tag to build, but all important continent announcements go through this group. As a renter on our continent, we will gladly advertise your business’ new products, events, etc. for free on the Solace Beachcombers group (4000+ members). Renting a parcel gives you the ability to hold your events at any of our venues on Solace Beach, Black Pearl Beach Amusement Park, or San Diego 3D at no charge. Please file a support ticket to reserve a time, and we will contact you.


Permitted Businesses

All businesses that are allowed per the SL TOS are allowed here, EXCEPT some adult businesses; see below. Malls, clubs, stores, gaming, consulting services etc. are all welcomed. 

Adult Business Rules

Adult businesses/clubs are permitted ONLY on sims zoned Adult, per Linden Lab rules. If your business sells adult products or services, or advertises using adult keywords, you must choose or move to an adult zoned sim. 

Building Style

Please choose an attractive build that is appropriate for the landscape. No ugly freebie builds, no eyesores, no abuse of glow or particles, no snow or winter builds on tropical sims (except during holidays). Skyboxes must be at 500m or higher.

In addition, to maintain an attractive and professional business environment, the following visual restrictions apply:

No floating or enormous signs. No excessive signs – a single sign on each exterior side of your building is permitted. Tasteful exceptions will be considered.

Building exteriors must have a professional appearance and/or be appropriate to the sim style. Use of large and/or provocative images in excess is not permitted (except on Adult zoned sims).

All products for sale must be placed in a building of some kind – unless the products would normally be sold outdoors (such as landscaping or houses). You cannot just rez boxes on your lot and set them for sale.

While we have no specific restrictions on building height, tall buildings must have a useful purpose. For example, a treehouse or an apartment tower would be allowed, while a tower that is designed for advertising or to attract attention would not be permitted. Exceptions will be considered based on architectural/aesthetic value.

Commercial tenants are expected to place trees, gardens, and/or other appropriate outdoor decor in the unused areas of their parcel. If the ground level is not being used, please place these elements around your land to avoid having a blank parcel.

Land Settings

No ban lines. You must leave “Allow Public Access” checked in your land settings at all times. Security orbs may be used to protect skyboxes, set to eject-only mode and with a 15 second or higher warning. You must add all estate owners/managers and security staff to the allowed list for any security devices on your property. You are free to eject or ban any troublemakers on your parcels; in the case of serious griefing, please inform estate staff so they can be banned across the estate.

“Restrict Spatialized Sound to This Parcel” must be checked so that your TV, fountains, etc. are not audible outside your land. Shouting objects are not permitted.

Please ensure that “Edit Terrain” is NOT checked – if it is, ANYONE can terraform your land! Solace Beach Estates is not responsible for lost/returned objects or loss of terraforming due to having this setting on, and Linden Lab will not perform rollbacks to correct such damage. 

Resource Usage

Please keep in mind that you share the sim with others, and respect the following rules.

*Temp rezzers designed to exceed prim limits are not permitted. Holo rezzer vendors and house display vendors are fine. 
*Campers/bots are limited to 2 per land holder. They cause lag and are a blight on the sims. You MAY use lucky chairs, prize camping, or Xploders – any reward that does not lead to unfair use of sim resources. What we do not want is dozens of bots or AFK avatars clogging the sim for other users.
*We will require you to remove any scripts that are found to be causing excessive lag on the sim. 
Due to lag caused by walking scripted pets (including but not limited to, Sion Chickens, Amaretto Horses, Meeroos etc.), we have instituted limitations to ensure that no user exceeds his/her fair use of script time.
Commercial and Light Covenant Full Sims: 4 pets per 512 sq.m. held.



Griefing, shooting people without consent and/or on others’ property, spy scripts, and harassment of other residents, visitors, or staff will not be tolerated.

If you have an unwanted avatar on your parcel, you may remove him/her ONLY by ejecting, teleporting home, and/or banning. You may not shoot, deform, or attack any avatar by other means, whether on or off your property, UNLESS s/he has consented to being attacked.


Covenant Violations

We will work with you to resolve covenant violations and neighbor disputes. We are here to help! In the case of serious violations involving harassment, we reserve the right to reclaim your land without refund.

Need help?

We use a support ticket system to ensure that all requests are seen and addressed promptly. To file a ticket, go to our support section – or you can IM the avatar SolaceBeach Serenity which will create a ticket in the system. All tickets will receive a response within 24 hours. In the event of griefing, please visit the land office to check the staff board, and IM any online manager for help. Someone is almost always online, and security issues will be handled in a timely manner. Please do not IM the Estate Owner unless there are griefers or unless you have been asked to do so by another staff member. Thank you.