What are Banlines?

Ban lines are ugly red lines that surround your property. 

They prevent people from accessing your property completely, including simply walking onto your land or even flying over it. They are also antisocial and don’t project a pleasant atmosphere

Our policy on Banlines

Banlines are not allowed on Solace Beach Rentals properties. Many people don’t realize that if you go to “About Land” -> the “Access” tab -> and uncheck “Allow Public Access”, it puts up these ugly red lines that you cannot see, but your neighbors can. To prevent this eyesore, we require that you leave “Allow Public Access” checked at all times. 

Our alternative solution to Banlines

The alternative to ban lines is the security orb. Security orbs allow you to automatically eject people from your property that you don’t want there. However, it’s essential that you follow the covenant policies when setting them up. They must give warning before ejecting, and they must eject only, not teleport home. Also, and very importantly, you need to add all Solace Beach employees to the allowed list, so that we can perform maintenance on and near your land.

There are many different types of security orb. If you are unsure where to get one you can find a vendor for one we recommend in our land office

Please take a moment to check Ayesha Lytton’s profile and add ALL estate staff listed there to your security device.