Rules & Covenants


As a private estate Solace Beach has its own rules and conditions by which residents are expected to adhere to in addition to the Second Life Terms of Service andCommunity Standards.These rules may differ from other private estates and are defined in the covenant for the sim in which the resident has rented land.

Please read our covenants BEFORE you rent. We do enforce them. They are there to make our sims beautiful, low lag places to live and do business, as opposed to the ugliness and trash that is common on mainland and even some private estates.We never ever allow ban lines or sim blights such as traffic bots. 

You may NOT resell Solace Beach Estates land. We “sell” it to you for a low deposit so you can control your land settings, but it is rented land. You can however transfer land to a friend if you contact your sim’s manager first and if no profit is involved. 

We strive to make your land experience a positive one. If you have any difficulties, we’ll do our best to correct them. Please note that all rental fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. They are however transferable to any other Solace Beach Estates property. If you wish to move to a larger or smaller lot, or you want a different theme or zoning, moving is easy and we’re happy to transfer your rent. Not reading the covenant or being unwilling to follow it is not grounds for a refund. For further details, please read our refund policy.  

Solace Beach Covenants

Please choose the covenant that applies to your sim. This website will always hold the most recent and applicable covenant.

 Residential/Mixed Use

Residential/Mixed Use Covenant applies to Residential and Residential/Small Business zoned sims. The Covenant tab in your land menu will clarify whether your land is Residential or Residential/Small Business. These sims are designed primarily for residential use, but low-traffic stores are allowed on RSB sims.

This covenant applies to the following places: 
Angel of Music, Annabel Lee, Beachcomber Oasis, Cerulean Cay, Devotion Isle, Dreaming Through, Elm Cove, Halo Cove, Kanaloa Cove, Lenore, Mahalo Cove, Margaritaville, Merlin Gardens, Mystic Dreams, Roan Inish, Serenity Gardens, Shaw Island, Solace Reef


Commercial Covenant applies to Commercial sims. These sims are designed for stores, gaming establishments, malls, and clubs. Note that sexually oriented businesses are only permitted on Adult rated sims.

This covenant applies to the following places:  Mikela Isle, Urban


Adult Covenant applies to Adult Rated sims. These sims are designed for sexually-oriented businesses such as strip clubs, escort services, explicit roleplay communities, etc. Residential usage generally does not require Adult land, unless explicit activity is advertised in the land description or commonly visible outdoors.

This covenant applies to the following places:  Bad Romance, Devils and Dust, Tranquility Lake


Light Covenant land is designed for those who don’t want a lot of rules. Homes, businesses, and clubs are all allowed. There are still a few restrictions, such as no ban lines and maximum 2 campers/bots per land holder.

This covenant applies to the following places: 
Castaway Isle, Delenn, Emphatic Eccentricia, Oasis Breeze, Purple Rain, Serenity Gardens, Solace Haven, Solace Plaza, Solace Dreams, Solace Lake, Tahitian Dreams, Twilight Tears